Achivements ↓

Sliver Medalist in Commonwealth Chess Championship.

Recipent of Malwa Khel Ratna Award

1st Player From Central India to Become International Master.

Rating Wise Best Player in Whole Madhya Pradesh since 2003.

Ranked 41st in top 100 Chess Player List of India (Published By FIDE) National A Player.

Played More Then 120+ Nation Championships and 80+ International Championships.

International Chess Event

Tournament Place Year Position
2nd Shri Lankan International Open Colombo 2006 3rd
International Master Challenge Pannaia 2008 2nd
Commonwealth Championship Nagpur 2008 11th
Kuala Lumpur International Open Malasiya 2008 3rd
1st International Open Kathmandu 2010 3rd
Moratuwa Chess Cup Colombo 2010 1st
49th Doeberl Cup Canberra 2011 4th
Sydney International Open Sydney 2011 1st
13th French Open Reunion 2011 1st
Queenstown Chess Classic New Zealand 2012 Jt. 2nd
World Railways USIC Championship Albena 2012 2nd
14th French Grand Open Reunion 2012 1st
Fuijiarah Grand Open UAE 2012 -
9th BDO International Open Amsterdam Netherland 2013 1st
Asian Continental Chess Championship UAE 2014 -
40th Siges International Open Barcelona,Spain 2014 7th
Badalona International Open Barcelona,Spain 2014 Jt. 2nd
1st CKJS GM Tournament Chittagong Bangladesh 2015 6th
Shri Lankan Super League Colombo 2015 1st
International Rating tournamente Udaipur 2016 1st
Basel Masters Switzerland Switzerland 2017 -
Prague open Czech republic Prague 2017 -
Portugal Open Lisbon Portugal 2017 -
Benasque Festival Spain Spain 2017 -
Andorra Open Andorra 2017 -
Crespi memorial Milan Milan 2017 2nd
Sunway Sitges Spain Spain 2017 -
Chirstmas open Zurich Switzerland Switzerland 2017 -
Basel masters joint Basel 2018 3rd
Prague open joint Prague 2018 2nd
Grenke chess classic germany Germany 2018 -
Ascona Open Switzerland Switzerland 2018 1st
Budapest spring festival hungary Hungary 2018 -
Harkany Open Hungary Hungary 2018 1st
First Saturday GM Group Budapest Budapest 2018 1st
State Level Chess Events
Top Player Madhya Pradesh Since 2003 & Only Player to Win all State Titles Starting From Under - 8 to Seniors.

National Chess Event ↓

Tournament Place Year Position
National Under - 8 Mumbai 1996 3rd
National Under 8 Open Sangli 1996 1st
National Juniors Under -20 Nagpur 2002 4th
Wipro Super Genius Bhopal 2003 1st
National Juniors Under -20 Tirupati 2004 3rd
1st TATA Steel All India Open Jamshedpur 2005 1st
National Rapid Open Sangli 2006 1st
Rochess All India Open Mumbai 2006 1st
National Youth Under -25 Ahemadabad 2007 3rd
National Railways Team Champ. Kolkatta 2007 2nd
National B(Senior) Dindigul 2007 6th
Chattrapati Shivaji Open Aurangabad 2010 1st
North PGS All India Open Kolkatta 2010 3rd
National Team Championship Goa 2012 3rd
1st Acc Kymore Cup Kymore 2012 2nd
National Team Championship Hyderabad 2013 2nd
National B(Senior) Bhopal 2013 3rd
National A(Senior) Jalgaon 2013 2nd
National Team Championship Hyderabad 2013 12th
All India Rapid Rating Goa 2014 3rd
National Railways Team Championship Banglore 2014 1st
National Team Championship Goa 2015 3rd
All India Rapid Open New Delhi 2015 2nd